Thursday, 31 December 2015

Best and Worst of 2015 Life [Part 2]

Now it's time for a life post, yay! I don't know how 2015 has been for everyone else but it's been a pretty shit one for me. I can even say that it's in the top two worst years of my entire life, up there with 2010 - the year I moved from Belgium to England away from my friends, homeland and dad and the year I started my last year of primary school at St. Joseph's.

The Worst of 2015
As some of you may already know from my Shizuku Takahashi post but my first month of January started with one of my old best friends starting a fight with me because of his recent breakup. And I didn't mention that I also had just broken up with my own respective boyfriend basically that same day. So that was a pretty rough day, and it only continued to get worse. In February, that one guy and his best friend (who also hates my guts because he thinks I went out with him in the past due to pity) ganged up on me via Facebook and we had a huge blowout. A couple weeks later, the best friend convinced the guy to spread rumours about me using evidence from my Facebook page. I didn't lose any friends and it was resolved quickly (with the help of teachers) but it's not a nice experience to have.

The next few months after that were alright but I achieved absolutely nothing in that time period. At the beginning of May, I received a message over Twitter from the guy's best friend, saying I loved to use and manipulate people. I ignored it because I didn't want to start something up again. The next day, I found out that that guy also sent a message to his best friend's ex (my best friend) saying that she was being used by me. I could not stand the fact that he had involved more people in our problem than needed, so I went straight to our head of year to tell her what was happening. She talked to him and told me that if me or my best friend got any more messages, we'd tell her straight away. After a week, that guy sent me and my best friend more messages. At this point, what he was doing was cyber harassment and stalking. After more conversations with my head of year, it was finally sorted and that was the end of that.

In late June, me and my mother started going to the gym. When I went on the treadmill and ran for a few minutes, I checked my heart rate. It was about 159 beats per minute. I was shocked and went to the doctor to ask about it. Turns out, the guy who was harassing me gave me so much stress that it had elevated my heart rate and gave me 'hypertension.' My normal heart rate is about 100 beats per minutes, 20 higher than the average human. The doctor said that if I don't want to resort to medication, I needed to do exercise on a regular basis to lower my heart rate. However, because of my recent mock exams, revision and my mother's depression, I have not been doing much exercise, and so, I still have hypertension. It's not life-threatening, but I receive a lot of stress in one day and something happens during the night (which is a very low percentage), I may have a heart attack.

Finally, when I told some of my friends that I had hypertension (I don't like to keep this stuff secret), my best friend who went out with the other guy told me she had an anxiety attack because of what the harasser did. I was furious but I didn't do anything about it because she told me not to do anything.

The Best of 2015
Which is not much. Okay, first, my sexy ass boyfriend. I started liking him around the beginning of October. We were having a party at his house the day after I met Dan and Phil, and I was (and still am) having a hugging spree with everyone there, and my boyfriend was the best hugger there. That's probably when I started to like him. After a month, I confessed to him while I was in the Netherlands (I've grown more confident this year, but still too shy to confess in person), and he said that he also liked me, and so we started going out. It's been just over two months now, and he's the best. He's handsome, intelligent, understanding, sexy as anything and we have a lot in common. And Eve darling, we will never stop being cute together.

Next, if you didn't catch on before, I MET AND HUGGED AND TALKED TO DAN + PHIL!


And that's basically it. Only about five months until I finish my GCSE exams, six months until prom and nine months until I start college. Whoo! Let's hope 2016 is a good year!


  1. I was seriously ready to say 'stop being cute and in love' but you beat me to it!
    I can guess who the harasser, etc. are, but if you wanna talk, I'm pretty much always around, feel free to talk! I also offer hugs, because my hugs are awesome, and I will fight your boyfriend for the title!
    Happy new year!
    Eve <3

    1. Haha, I remembered what you said in the technology room before and added it to make sure you wouldn't say it again! ;)
      I'll take you up on that offer, I want lots and lots of hugs, from you and Joe. You'll have to give me a lot of hugs though to reclaim that title though.
      Happy 2016! x