Personal Posts

Personal Posts is just a list of posts that I've done that don't have anything to do with dramas. Mainly things like awards, writing sprees, what I've done today, etc.

Events of April 20th, 2015 - feat. Blood + Fairy Tail
Rest in Peace: A Tragic Loss
Karma - feat. Infinite
Best and Worst of 2015 Life - #1 and #2
Life Goals and Achievements

Monthly Choices
April 2015 - feat. Kim Soo Hyun + Ahn Jae Hyun
May 2015 - feat. Who Are You: School 2015, Yook Sungjae, Kim So Hyun + Hello Counselor!
June 2015 - feat. We Got Married + BtoB
July 2015 - feat. White Christmas + Mask
August 2015 - feat. We All Cry Differently + Oh My Ghost
September 2015 - feat. Coffee Prince + She Was Pretty
October 2015 - feat. Cheer Up!
November 2015 - feat. Oh My Venus
December 2015 - feat. Remember

Awards + Tags
Infinity Dreams Award
Best Blogging Buddies Award
The British Tag
The Creative Blogger Award
Dragon's Loyalty Award

Writing Boredom
The True Ending - #1

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