Drama Exclusives

Drama Exclusives include posts dedicated to one or two dramas, and only focus on them.

Random Posts
Hyde, Jekyll, Me vs. Kill Me, Heal Me - The Battle of D.I.D
Plot Twist: A Third Personality?! - feat. Hyde, Jekyll, Me
Oh Cho Rim or Two Choi Eun Seol's? - feat. The Girl Who Sees Smells
Upcoming Dramas:
April 2015 Dramas - feat. The Girl Who Sees Smells, Who Are You: School 2015 + Falling for Innocence
May 2015 Dramas - feat. Warm and Cozy, Producer, Orange Marmalade + Mask
June 2015 Dramas - feat. I Remember You, High Society, My Beautiful Bride + Hidden Identity
July 2015 Dramas - feat. Oh My Ghost + Scholar Who Walks the Night
August 2015 Dramas - feat. Mrs. Cop + Yong Pal
September 2015 Dramas - feat. She Was Pretty + Cheer Up!
October 2015 Dramas - feat. Glamorous Temptation, Cheer Up! + The Village: Achiara's Secret
November 2015 Dramas - feat. Oh My Venus, Reply 1988 + Imaginary Cat
December 2015 Dramas - feat. Remember
January 2016 Dramas - feat. Moorim School, One More Happy Ending + Cheese in the Trap

K-Drama Trends:
Mental and Cognitive Disorders - feat. Kill Me, Heal Me + The Girl Who Sees Smells
Eccentric but Lovable Chaebols - feat. Secret Garden
Noona Romances - feat. I Hear Your Voice
Famous Chefs - feat. Song Jae Rim, Nam Goong Min, Yoo Yeon Seok + Jo Jung Suk
Patriarchy, Abuse and Gender Roles - feat. Cheer Up! + more

MDL Articles:
Currently Watching: The Village: Achiara's Secret

Top K-Dramas of the Year:
Halftime: 2015 - feat. Blood, Kill Me, Heal Me, The Girl Who Sees Smells + Who Are You: School 2015
End: 2015 - feat. Mask, Cheer Up! + Splash Splash Love

Couple Rants
The Quack Couple (Park Hoon x Oh Soo Hyun) - feat. Doctor Stranger

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