Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Doctor Stranger - The Quack Couple (Park Hoon x Oh Soo Hyun)

Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun, aka the Quack Couple, my first non-canon, k-drama OTP. Usually when I watch anything, I ship the main couple/the couple that are most likely to end up together, but that's not the case for Doctor Stranger. In this drama, Hoon ended up with Jae Hee, and Soo Hyun with Jae Joon. I do quite like the ship of Soo Hyun x Jae Joon, but they never connected as well as Soo Hyun and Hoon did.

The Heartbeat Theory (Ep. 7)

I guess I should speak of the most obvious reason to why I ship them. I knew almost straight away that Hoon and Jae Hee didn't look completely natural. There was always some sort of awkward situation, whether it was because Hoon had to kill Jae Hee's father to let her live (kidney surgery), Jae Hee switching to Jae Joon's surgery team so he couldn't do the President's surgery, or the fact that Cha Jin Soo was always threatening them and their relationship. It never fit. Plus, Jae Hee's actress couldn't do her role properly (I've liked her previous roles in other dramas, just not Jae Hee). Also, having Jae Hee admit near the end of the series that Hoon and Soo Hyun make each other laugh and comfortable, and that Hoon would pick Soo Hyun in the end was slaying any chance of me hoping she still had some dignity in her "exchange" with Hoon.

Another reason is the nickname "quack". Ever since they met, they've had a heated relationship (non-sexual). It all started when Hoon started and finished a surgery in Myeongwoo University Hospital without even being a doctor there. Hoon intimidated Soo Hyun by calling her a quack (another name for someone who doesn't take risks (also, hence the ship name)) as she felt like she wouldn't be able do a surgery, even though she's had practice at it and learned about it in her medical books. This, however, ended up with Hoon getting slapped across the face. But, Hoon has kept up the habit of calling her a quack ever since (he makes sure to call her "Doctor Oh" in front of patients though). Also, because of this nickname and a practical joke to make sure she was doing her job properly as a doctor, Hoon got kicked right in the groin just after he became a doctor at Myeongwoo.

Something that grew to make their relationship so strong was when they performed Soo Hyun's mother's surgery together. Even though she didn't survive the procedure, Soo Hyun was grateful towards him because Hoon didn't want to let her die, even with her being a terminal illness patient. He knew that if the mother had the surgery, she would have a 5% chance of surviving and living an even longer life. And that was a risk he was willing to take. After her passing, Soo Hyun broke down in a flood of tears (as most people would) and borrowed Hoon's chest and arms to cry on (also meaning they hugged). It was an emotional roller coaster for Soo Hyun and this led to her having a small crush on Hoon.

Small, but cute reason now. Soo Hyun told Hoon after a surgery that his hair wasn't appropriate for a doctor and that is was too scruffy. After a few episodes since that, he cut his hair to make it look better and more suitable.

The last reason I'll talk about (I have several more, but I can't go on for too long) is that Soo Hyun actually had the courage to tell her feelings to Hoon, unlike most third-wheel girls do. Soo Hyun had several problems when this happened (like her recent breakup with Jae Joon, finding out he was someone completely different, and having her non-biological father almost pass), she still did it anyway. Unfortunately, Hoon rejected her because he was in love with Jae Hee and he even admitted in the past that the two of them aren't meant to be. Soo Hyun still confessed in spite of her knowing all of this, and managed to overcome it afterwards. Obviously, Soo Hyun and Hoon were still friends after this (and some other crap as well), and their original relationship continued as usual.

As most people would be, I'm upset that Hoon chose Jae Hee instead of Soo Hyun because they are most perfect for each other, and make each other feel great, but that didn't happen. Doctor Stranger was all made on the basis of Hoon trying to find and get back Jae Hee, so it would have been unnatural if they didn't end up together, but my ship feels still haven't recovered.

Soo Hyun not knowing how to face Hoon when he comes back to the hospital after being fired (for the second time). Also, this is Hoon's new haircut (old one is in the gif above). (Ep. 17)


  1. I know right..I know this is an old post but I just finished watching Dr.Stranger, but you are completely right on this. Why build up the romance only to just stay unresolved? I think Hoon liked her a lot, I mean his happiness is palpable when he's with her!

  2. I thought exactly the same like you.
    Their chemistry is awesone.
    I can't find any chemistry between Hoon and Jae Hee.
    The actress who play Jae hee seem don't know how to show affection. She can't act properly. There is no chemistry between Hoon and her at all. I didn't watch this drama because of it.

  3. Nooooooo i dont like Quack couple

  4. I just finished this movie. It was very frustrating. I really wanted that Dr. Park and Dr. Quack to be together. I saw that they have more chemistry than jae hee. Having relationship with Jae Hee is a burden to Dr. Park everytime they are together, suddenly become sad because of the conflicts. With Dr. Quack they are light to watch them. They are sweet to each other unlike with Jae Hee. Dr. Park used to think Jae Hee all the time which is not good for him because it cause troubles and hardships. Dr. Park and Dr. Quack is good together because they help grow each other.

  5. This couple was my first second lead and the ending disappointed me because I thought that Jae Hee was a character from his past that he needed to get over and develop as a character then be with someone who was by his side. I loved Doctor Quack from their instant onscreen chemistry and I felt like the ending was weak- weak like you ask for some juice and get given a drop of cordial and a liter of water- Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it that much but I think it would have

  6. Just finished the drama just now. I felt not comfortable and satisfied with the ending.I think Soo Hyun is more attractive, I mean the character. For me Jae Hee not quite interesting(not the appereance) in how her act as to catch people heart. Soo Hyun is really nice and lot of humor in it, lovely, sweet and many more, while Jae Hee is err... maybe a little bit boring(or more) I think there is no part that makes me feel funny and attracted to her because most of the Jae Hee scene is too serious, humorless and she act just much more on Park Soon not to others like, she only talk more only to a few people( I mean low relationship with other) not friendly at all. So this is my opinion. Forever Quack <3

  7. Me too i like dr hoon and dr quack better. It will a happy ending if they end up together.